How Can I Find And Enter The Best Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes Advisor’s Prize Report is your trusted source for up-to-date information on all the best sweepstakes.

If you’ve ever dreamed of winning a new car, a dream home, or just a whole lot of money, sweepstaking – making a hobby of entering sweepstakes – is a fun and affordable way to make that dream come true.

Come on, you might say, nobody actually wins those things.

But they do – it’s illegal to advertise sweepstakes and not deliver an award to an entrant. There are thousands of sweepstakes every year. Legally, someone must win. So why not you?

Give yourself the best chance possible at winning incredible prizes and cool cash when you team up with Sweepstakes Advisor’s 30 years of experience.

Sweepstakes Advisor draws on over 30 years of sweepstakes experience to find and verify the very best sweepstakes available. Our Prize Report presents 100% legitimate sweepstakes offering .

The best prizes, the highest chances of winning, and the most interesting lesser-known sweepstakes – the inside scoop on the entire sweepstakes industry.

Get up-to-date information on the best prizes available in sweepstakes

Eight times a year, Sweepstakes Advisor publishes our Prize Report, a comprehensive guide to the best sweepstakes for you to enter.

The listings in each Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report give you a chance to win a minimum of $12 million in combined prizes per issue.

With the inside scoop on not only the best prizes in sweepstakes, but also the lesser-known sweepstakes that give our readers the best chances to win, Sweepstakes Advisor’s Prize Report aims to be your valued companion in sweepstaking.

Get comprehensive information on how to enter every sweepstakes properly

Each sweepstakes has its own rules and regulations, so it’s important to know how to enter each one properly to give yourself the best chance to win.

Fortunately, the Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report includes important information on entry rules to make sweepstaking easy for our readers.

Never get confused on how to enter a sweepstakes again – let Sweepstakes Advisor be your guide on how to enter the best sweepstakes for your chance at dream prizes!

You can check out a comprehensive general guide on sweepstakes entry rules here.

Find and enter only the most legitimate sweepstakes

Best of all, never worry about sweepstakes scams again! 

All the sweepstakes reported in our Prize Report have been determined to be 100% legitimate by our team of dedicated industry experts.

So you can be sure that any sweepstakes you find in the Prize Report is really offering you a chance to win cash or great prizes – all you have to do is enter for your chance to win!

Never waste your time with fakes or get caught with a sweepstakes scam – your Prize Report from Sweepstakes Advisor is your guide to the best and most legitimate sweepstakes.

And while the sweepstakes you’ll find in your Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report have already been verified to be 100% legitimate, we’ve also written up a guide on how to protect yourself from sweepstakes scams.

Team up with Sweepstakes Advisor’s 30 years of sweepstakes experience

Since we first started Sweepstakes Advisor over three decades ago, our mission has been to help people like you make their dreams come true with a reliable, comprehensive guide to the best and most legitimate sweepstakes.

With over 25 of the best sweepstakes currently available for a combined total of over $12 million in prizes in each issue, the Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report is your guide to realizing your sweepstakes dreams.

Get your first copy of our Prize Report now – just $5 for the inside scoop on the best sweepstakes available right now!

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