What is Sweepstakes Advisor?

The Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report is a publication for people who are interested in easily entering the best possible sweepstakes, on a consistent basis. The information we publish allows our readers to enter numerous sweepstakes quickly. Over 25 different sweepstakes are listed in each issue with detailed entry instructions. Entry is always free. Our Prize Report is published eight times per year and distributed to readers by mail – order your copy now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Opt Out?
You can opt out online or by sending a letter or postcard to:

Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report – OPT OUT
PO Box 549012
Dallas, TX 75054

Please include your first and last names and the complete mailing address(es) that we should op out of promotional mailings. Please note: if you have an active subscription, we will still send you the Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report issues that you have paid for.

Is Sweepstakes Advisor a Scam or a Ripoff?

Absolutely not! Just the opposite – we work hard to deliver real value to our readers. If you receive a letter from us in the mail, it is legitimate and if you respond with payment and your contact information, you will receive our Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report. We do the work of finding and evaluating the sweepstakes so that our readers don’t have to. That way all you have to do is follow each sweepstakes’ entry instructions – and maybe even win! We make sweepstaking a fun and relaxing hobby.

What Is the Sweepstakes Audit Bureau?
Sweepstakes Audit Bureau is our “busy as a beaver” search to find the best sweepstakes for our readers to enter. Not just any sweeps will do. We search high and low for little known and hard-to-find sweepstakes and judge each for their quality of prizes, number of available entries, geographic reach, and estimate of odds (your chances to win!). Only those sweepstakes that meet the standards of our proprietary Valu-RaterTM make it into our Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?
You can read our privacy policy online.

Should I Be Concerned About Those Negative Reviews I Saw About You Online?

Rants and negative reviews online are often not well thought out. The Internet and online reviews allow just a few uninformed people or hotheads (or even a company’s competitors!) to sound like they represent everyone. In reality, they’re just one person out of thousands of satisfied customers who have been receiving the Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report for decades – and happily using its advice!

Can I Get the Report Digitally, Online?
Yes! You can order the latest issues and download them immediately after purchase here.

Have I Won $12 Million Dollars?
Receiving our prize report information is just the first step towards winning cash and prizes. In order to have a chance to win anything, you have to enter some or all of the sweepstakes listed in each issue of our prize report. We guarantee that each prize report will have sweepstakes prizes valued at $12,000,000 or more that readers can enter for a chance to win, with all entries being free.

How Often Is the Report Published?

We publish 8 issues per year. Each issue of the prize report is guaranteed to list sweepstakes prizes totaling $12 million or more that our readers can enter for free.

What’s the $5.00 For?

The $5.00 per issue price pays for our employees, researchers, and the many costs of publishing our unique prize reports. For readers interested in a longer term subscription, our subscribers receive special renewal prices for an annual subscription of eight reports.