Terms and Conditions

Sweepstakes Prize Report Terms and Conditions

Total cash and prizes listed in each Prize Report are guaranteed to exceed $12,000,000.00 in value. Each Report recipient may choose from numerous cash and prize combinations listed in national sweepstakes with no purchase required to enter and be eligible for winner status. Sweepstakes rules allow that purchases do not improve a person’s chances of winning. Requested fee is for documentation research and data processing. Sweepstakes Advisor has verified information on prizes, cash amount, sponsor name and address, contact and entry instructions plus the assessment of the relative value of each sweepstake’s cash payout odds and prizes. Those claiming Prize Reports receive the most recent documentation on active sweepstakes with prizes still unawarded. Each properly completed claim form/online order received with processing fee guarantees your entitlement to a future Prize Report immediately upon issuance. Sweepstakes Advisor is unaffiliated with any of the sweepstakes listed in the Prize Report. All cash and prizes are guaranteed to be paid to winners by the individual sponsor(s) of each sweepstakes listed. Multiple confirmed listings are included in each Prize Report. Respondents must submit all sweepstakes entries according to official rules and deadlines provided. Sweepstakes Advisor recommends claiming your prize report immediately, before cash and prize eligibilities expire. Prize eligibilities listed are guaranteed available to recipients of this notice unless you are an employee or agent of one of more of the sponsors in the Prize Report or are excluded by contest rules. Sweepstakes Advisor is not responsible for printing errors. Your Sweepstakes Prize Report is researched for you by Emerson Publishing, Incorporated, P.O. Box 549012, Dallas, TX 75354-9012. Satisfaction fully guaranteed or your money back.

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