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We find top-rated sweepstakes to give our subscribers an edge when entering to win. We do the work of evaluating the best sweepstakes so that our readers don’t have to.

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Only the Best Sweepstakes

With over 30 years of experience serving the sweepstakes community, our team carefully selects only the best, top-rated sweepstakes. Using our proprietary Valu-RaterTM we do the legwork – you just need to enter to win!

Just $5.00 per Issue

Each issue has 25+ legitimate sweepstakes listings totaling over $12,000,000 in cash and prizes. With clear entry instructions and hard-to-find sweepstakes, it’s your winning choice!

30 Years in Publication

Sweepstakes Advisor has over 3 decades of expertise in researching and verifying sweepstakes. We publish only the best sweepstakes in each issue. We include all the information you need to enter for a chance to win!

What is the Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report?

The Best Sweepstakes, Hand-Picked by the Sweepstakes Advisor Research Team

When you order the Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report, you get the newest confirmed sweepstakes entry information for just $5.00. Each Report lists sweepstakes totaling over $12 million in cash and prizes that you can enter for a chance to win. There is no cost to enter the contests – they are all free!

Find the Best Sweepstakes with Sweepstakes Advisor

Sweepstakes Advisor is a guide to finding the best sweepstakes online, including hard-to-find and little-known sweepstakes. Our team judges each sweepstakes for the number of available entries, quality of the prizes, geographic reach, and odds of winning. Our ability to find top-rated sweepstakes gives our subscribers an edge when entering to win sweepstakes.

We make “sweepstaking” a fun and easy hobby. Over 25 of the best sweepstakes listed in each report!

How we rate the best sweepstakes

Our proprietary Valu-RaterTM will help you “evalu-rate” which sweepstakes are best for you!

Excellent | $$$$$

These are the best of the best. According to our proprietary Valu-RaterTM, the sweeps in this category offer optimum return on your entries. With the right combination of best odds, multiple opportunities to win, and prizes of exceptional value, they receive our highest recommendation.

Very Good | $$$$

These sweeps usually offer valuable prizes and numerous opportunities to win, combined with qualifiers to improve your odds.

Good | $$$

Bread-and-butter sweeps with plenty of opportunities to win valuable prizes but usually a high number of entrants or less valuable prizes with many opportunities to win and qualifiers that improve your odds.

Okay | $$

Not to be overlooked! Those in the category usually feature prizes of lesser value or valuable prizes that have fewer changes to win. A typical example would be a single valuable prize, no qualifiers for entry and countless entries.

Last Call | $

These sweeps have fast-approaching deadlines. These may have appeared in a previous issue of Sweepstakes Advisor Prize Report but they are too good to pass up. The deadline is near and Sweepstakes Advisor has listed them again as a reminder. Good luck!

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